Contributing to Lumocs

Thank you for considering contributing to Lumocs! We value and appreciate your help, whether it's through bug reports, feature suggestions, or pull requests. This document outlines the standards and guidelines to follow when contributing to Lumocs.

Table of Content

  1. Getting Started
  2. Contribution Best Practices
  3. Submitting Your Changes
  4. Feedback and Questions
  5. License

Getting Started

  1. Fork the Repository: Before you can contribute, you need to fork the Lumocs repository.

  2. Clone Your Fork:

git clone
cd lumocs
  1. Create a New Branch: Create a branch for your feature or bugfix.
git checkout -b feature/your-feature-name

Contribution Best Practices

  1. One Change per Pull Request: Keep your changes focused. If you're submitting a bug fix, write one for that specific bug. If you're adding a new feature, create a separate pull request for it.

  2. Follow the Code Style: Ensure your code adheres to the existing style of the project to maintain consistency.

  3. Write Descriptive Commit Messages: Your commit messages should explain the purpose of the change.

  4. Update the Documentation: If you're adding a new feature or changing the functionality of existing features, please update the associated documentation.

  5. Test Your Changes: Before submitting your changes, make sure all tests pass, and consider adding new tests for your feature or fix.

Submitting Your Changes

  1. Push to Your Fork:
git push origin feature/your-feature-name
  1. Submit a Pull Request: Navigate to the Lumocs repository and click on "New Pull Request". Select your fork and the branch you just pushed to.

  2. Describe Your Changes: In the pull request description, explain the changes you've made, any issues you're addressing, and any potential side effects or areas of concern.

  3. Wait for a Review: A core contributor will review your pull request, provide feedback, and eventually merge it. They might ask for some changes or improvements.

Feedback and Questions

For general feedback and questions, please open an issue in the Lumocs repository. Before creating a new issue, please check if there's an existing issue that addresses your concern.


By contributing, you agree that your contributions will be licensed under the project's existing MIT License.