Deploying A Lumocs Site

GitHub Pages Deployment

There's an example workflow included at /demo-repository/.github/workflows/deploy-pages.yml in the Lumocs GitHub repository. This workflow shows you how to set up GitHub Actions to handle the deployment for you.

To utilize this:

  1. Copy the deploy-pages.yml from the /demo-repository/.github/workflows/ directory to your project's .github/workflows/ directory.
  2. In your GitHub repository, navigate to Settings.
  3. Under the Pages section, set the source to GitHub Actions.

This configuration will automatically build and deploy your site to GitHub Pages whenever you push to your main branch.

Manual Deployment

To manually deploy Lumocs, you to to the documentation root, in this guide /docs, and run deno task lume. This will create a new subfolder called _site which contains all the files of your generated site. Move these to your server using the prefered method.