Special features of Lumocs

Table of Content

To insert a TOC for the current page, place a HTML-comment with nothing but TOC inside of it:

<!-- TOC -->

This will generate a complete TOC of the current page

Value Substitution

By specifying substitutions in the _data.json file, you can simplify repetitive content updates, especially handy for global parameters like version numbers.

  1. In your _data.json file, define substitutions using the following structure:
  "substitute": [
    { "$NAME": "My Application" },
    { "$VERSION": "1.0.0" }
    // ... more substitutions
  1. In your Markdown content, whenever you need to reference the substitution value, use the defined $NAME:
Welcome to the documentation of $NAME, version $VERSION.

Upon processing, Lumocs will replace $NAME with My Application and $VERSION with 1.0.0 as defined in the _data.json file.